Our Technology

Our technology solutions allow us to integrate and be present at scale, both horizontally and vertically across many markets. The use of modern technologies and a focus on data security are also always at the forefront of any task or project here at STASH NextGen - every day!

Fast deplpyment
Fast deployment
Great flexibility
Great flexibility
Accelerated innovation
Focus on what matters
Resilient and highly available services
Resilient services
Increased data security
ISO certified data security
Automated scale
Cost effective and green infrastructure
Green infrastructure

Cloud native & Serverless infrastructure

Our serverless infrastructure approach allows us to use highly available and resilient infrastructure, without the need of managing any of it.

  • Green infrastructure

    Our services only require computing power when they are in use, we never have idle and unused servers and therefore our services are very cost-effective and much better for the environment.

  • Focus on what matters

    We don’t need to worry about maintaining servers, our team can put all their focus into building the best applications and services.

    Not having to worry about server infrastructure allows us to have fast time to market.

  • Automated scale

    Our services are all setup to auto-scale based on demand and throughput.

    Deploying our stack to new regions is also easy, thanks to our advanced CICD pipeline and Infrastructure-as-Code solution.


Our microservice based technology solution allows us to be very agile, both in the way we are managing our systems, but also regarding application and service resilience and scale. The flexible approach to the choice of technology allows us to build our services with the best tools possible, avoiding unnecessary trade-offs caused by incompatibility of used frameworks or ageing stacks.

Data privacy and security

Always at the forefront of our minds when working on our applications and services is information security. We are ISO 27001 certified, but we don’t stop there. Our DevSecOps tooling and processes are state of the art and allow us to be confident in building security into our application and service development from end to end. And it goes without saying that when we handle data, it is always encrypted, whether that is at rest or in transit.